FutureScot can distribute your editorial message via Article, Video and White Paper postings all of which are designed to maximise social media sharing.


An Article posting is a stand-alone article hosted within the main body of the website.

You can write your Article posting yourself or with the assistance of our professional team of in-house journalists. You can amend or edit your copy as often as you like.

Easily add a Video posting or a White Paper posting for maximum ROI.

Article posting TBC
Video posting TBC
Whitepaper postings TBC
Newsletter posting TBC

Newsletters & social media

We publish the FS Fives – a daily morning brief. Become our commercial newsletter partner and we can distribute your corporate message to our subscribers.

All Features include content assistance, construction and one months hosting


For more information about our sponsored content, series bookings and features or other creative solutions please email Andrew@canongate.org or call 0131 561 7351