Fujitsu’s Education Ambassador Programme; creating opportunities for everyone

viagra 20mg price in pakistan digital Digital is becoming pervasive in all aspects of our lives, and intersecting more with our day at every turn, creating a cultural shift. Not just in the UK, but globally. I believe our Ambassadors are part of a movement towards a digital future for education. They share the same commitment and passion as Fujitsu and our programme partners to drive that future forwards and embed digital into the DNA of education.

Our vision, with our partners, is to promote collaboration across all levels of education for the benefit of educators and students, and the Fujitsu Ambassador Programme is a leading example of the partnership that is required to achieve this.

We wanted to bring together digital technology evangelists with educational establishments that are ambitious in their use of technology and the way it can enhance the teaching and learning experience.

You’re passionate about education. We’re passionate about technology. Working together, we can create new ways of learning.

Our Education Ambassador Programme gives education establishments the opportunity to discover our technologies, contribute to their evolution and discover the ways in which they empower young people to create, invent and build the future.

In turn, the organisations that we have partnered with are just as committed to this goal as you are. By working together, we are convinced that we can deliver the benefits of digital transformation in Education.

The role of our Ambassadors

Their role is to work with Fujitsu and our partners to encourage collaboration across education establishments and promote a shared best practice vision for driving transformational change through technology in teaching and learning.

Our Ambassadors are part of this programme as we know that they share our passion and ambition for technology as an enabler within the education environment. They collaborate with us to promote a ‘many learning from many’ approach and a drive for collaborative expertise to enable new innovation.

You’re passionate about education. We’re passionate about technology. Working together, we can create new ways of learning.

Connect with Ash on Twitter: @AshMerchant1. More Resources: The Ambassador Programme. Fujitsu in Education. The Ambassador Programme in Scotland – at Fife College and at Borders College. Working with awarding body OCR to close the skills gap.


Join us at: EduTech (FE & HE), Technology and Innovation Centre, Strathclyde University, 30 November.