DVLA unveils three-year digital transformation strategy

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has unveiled a three-year digital transformation strategy including bringing roles in-house, recruiting “innovative IT professionals” and migrating from legacy systems to new platforms. It is projecting a 40% reduction in total ICT expenditure by 2019/20.

“Our current legacy systems have grown organically over the last 20-plus years. They are overly complex, costly to run and difficult to change.,” says the strategy. “The migration onto a new loosely-coupled, component based architecture led by our in-house teams will deliver the flexibility and responsiveness required.”

Other key tenets of the strategy are to make the DVLA secure and user-centric. It says it will “expose our services and data using standard APIs to allow business and government to develop new services on top of ours, fully controlled under data protection legislation.”

Dave Perry, the DVLA’s chief technology officer, said: “Our aim is to become a hub for digital motoring. We are transforming our IT estate to deliver our digital transformation ambitions and create the best online services for customers. Our services are at the forefront of technology and our organisation design will be optimised to deliver migration from our legacy IT platforms. Our IT strategy will ensure we continue to deliver systems that are fit for the digital age in which we live.”