First day of Inverness Drone Week

Today (Monday 26th of September) marks the start of Drone Week, a week-long event organised by #hellodigital and national trade body ARPAS-UK which will bring the latest in drone technology to Inverness.

The event will take a closer look at the safe, legal use of drones across various industries such as tourism, agriculture, forestry, surveying, and search & rescue.

Monday’s session is aimed at the public and will offer insights into new business approaches and how drones actually affect the local economy. There will be a live flying demonstration, weather permitting.

Sue Wolfe, Business Development Director at ARPAS-UK, commented: “Each session will be aimed at a different sector, so it’s going to be a week packed with information. The daily seminars will enable businesses to take a look at how drones have the potential to shape the future of certain industries whilst at the same time shedding some light on the rules and regulations of operating them.”

To find out what’s happening each day and book tickets, click here.