How did the Scottish tech sector celebrate May the 4th (Star Wars Day)?

FutureScot likes Scottish tech and FutureScot likes Star Wars. So what better way to combine them than seeing what the Scottish tech sector got up to on May the 4th (like ‘may the force’ but with a lisp – get it?) – the one day of the year where companies all over the world unite in pandering to Star Wars nerds on social media. It’s really quite beautiful to watch.


Any list of Scottish tech companies is bound to include Skyscanner. The company sold for £1.4bn to China’s Ctrip in November last year and has offices all over the world so while their sudden interest in Star Wars might be a savvy business move rather than the genuine geekiness that one can suspect the smaller companies further down on this list of, it’s still a valiant effort.

They took the opportunity to highlight some of the filming locations of the Star Wars movies on social media. Fun fact: Tatooine is actually located in Tunisia, near Ghomrassen.


Pufferfish is an Edinburgh-based company which creates “innovative digital display that will give a physical presence to digital content”. Not sure what that means? Well, in short, they’re spherical screens. Spherical… like the Death Star. Yep, you see where this is going. They created the video below which is great but slightly worryingly ends with saying they’re “proud suppliers to the galactic empire”. This is a galactic superpower which has no qualms about creating a planet-destroyer- surely we should be boycotting them?


Codebase, Scotland’s largest tech incubator went for a low-key yet impressive celebration: an R2D2 hologram.


Finally, Krotos, the Edinburgh-based firm known for its ‘Dehumaniser’ voice processor which produces monster sounds for films, television and video games, proved they’re getting sound inspiration from a galaxy far, far away.


OK, so this one isn’t tech-related… or even from yesterday. But come on, wookie penguins? I had to include them!