Scottish start up wins at the Sports Technology Awards 2017

Great news for the Scottish tech scene! Scottish start-up Find A Player beat a number of globally recognised organisations such as Arsenal, British Rowing, the New York Marathon and the German FA to win the prestigious ‘Best App’ category at the Sport Technology Awards in London earlier this month.

Find A Player pretty much does what it says on the tin. It is a social network for people who play sport, matching people up to games or activities wherever they are in the UK. Think Tinder for sport. You can organise your weekly five-a-side or find your local running group at a click of a button.

I spoke to Jim Law founder and CEO and asked him why he thought Find A Player stood out from the rest of the finalists: “At its core Find A Player is a sports participation network. We connect people in local areas that are interested in the same sport, whether that’s the organiser that’s always 3 bodies short, someone who’s just moved to a new area or the guy who’s been sitting on the couch for 10 years who’s finally decided to get fit. Our aim is to provide the same kind of experience as Facebook, but instead of connecting your social network, we’re helping you to build your own local sports network. Helping the games find players and the players find games, with a few taps of the app to find what you need.”

As a guy that loves playing sport, Jim came up with idea after struggling to find a game of footie to play after work. It is an app created to solve a very common problem and despite not having any previous tech experience or financial backing Jim recognised a gap in the market for a product that connected sport players. Since its launch in 2016 Find A Player has facilitated over 75,000 games across 140 different sports and, with new investment coming in imminently, it continues to grow.