American firm to provide ‘digital conferencing’ for Scottish public sector

An American company has been appointed to provide digital conferencing and meetings for the Scottish public sector – to cut down on the cost of attending live events.

Premiere Global Services (PGi), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has been confirmed as the successful supplier for the Scottish Government’s ‘Digital Conferencing Services framework’.

“Following a robust competitive tender process, we are pleased to have PGi as our digital conferencing services supplier, allowing Scottish public sector entities to choose from a host of collaboration and conferencing solutions that best suits the needs of teams and individuals alike,” said a Scottish Government spokesman.

The company offers a product called iMeet, which allows up to 125 to dial into a meeting on any web browser; they can also record the meeting for staff not in attendance and make notes of the meeting.

The framework is available to all public sector bodies and includes audio, web and video conferencing and webcasting services. The initial period of the framework is for two years with an option to extend for two additional twelve month periods thereafter.

According to the company, which has offices worldwide, including London, Scottish public sector bodies will be able to use the software instead of attending live events, therefore reducing their carbon footprint, as well as travel and subsistence costs.

John Stone, EVP and managing director, PGi International, said: “Better collaboration leads to better results. That’s why we’re so excited to bring our broad portfolio of products to the Scottish public sector and support their end-to-end digital conferencing needs as their digital conferencing services provider.”

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