‘Ask Police Scotland’ app launched by PNLD

An app has been developed to help people get answers to questions on a wide range of police related issues, on their mobile or tablet.

The ‘Ask Police Scotland’ app, available for use on both iOS and Android, has been launched by the Police National Legal Database (PNLD) and was developed by PDMS.

The app, an official Police Scotland resource, provides access to more than 750 of the questions most frequently asked by the public across Scotland – ranging from personal safety and anti-social behaviour through to road traffic collisions and fixed penalty notices.

In 2014 the combined forces that make up Police Scotland received around 600,000 emergency (999) calls and 3,6000,000 non-emergency (101) calls.

The free app provides another way to find out the information. Questions and answers are updated frequently and the Question of the Day and Latest News features provide topical local information.

The up to date and legally accurate information is pulled directly from PNLD’s Ask the Scottish Police portal.

The main Ask the Police portal for England and Wales was originally developed for PNLD, by PDMS, in 2005 – to help save the police valuable time and resources by reducing the amount of non-emergency calls taken through the police contact centres.

Since their launch, both the Ask the Police and the Ask the Scottish Police websites have evolved to become an invaluable resource for both the staff at police contact centres and the general public. It is estimated that the websites save the police service more than £25m a year.

PNLD provides a range of services to police forces in Scotland, England and Wales including an online database of up to date legal information, case law and standard offence wordings.

PDMS has worked with PNLD as its technology partner helping to launch services including the recent Help for Victims website

The new app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store here or from the Google Play Store here.