Beginning tomorrow: a guide to privacy and security online

Daniel B Brown is a cyber security consultant at FarrPoint in Edinburgh. Tomorrow, he begins a five-part guide to privacy and security online.

“As a cyber security consultant, it is my job to help them identify what they need to protect and how they are going to do it. Most use risk management frameworks built specifically for them. In this series, we intend to simplify those techniques and apply them to individuals leading a normal – non-techy – life,” said Brown

“If you spend any time at all online you will probably have seen suggestions on how to protect yourself, published after each cyber-attack makes the news. It is difficult to know how much protection is enough. There are so many things that need protected it can be daunting to figure out. Over the coming weeks I’ll be helping you to decide what data is important to you, what level of security you need and how to go about protecting yourself.”

Tomorrow: Introducing a guide to privacy and security online. Also in the series: Protecting IP addresses, anonymising your digital fingerprint, protecting devices, and securing services that you use.