Calling designers, technologists, artists, scientists and civic entrepreneurs!

HoloLens. Picture: Microsoft.

The ‘Art of Possible’ is an event-based programme bringing together Scotland’s creative professionals, policy-makers and STEM professionals to consider civic uses for emerging and enabling technologies. As an official feeder session for Venturefest Scotland, the national innovation summit; the focus for its July event will be virtual and augmented reality.

With applications across a range of sectors from health, construction and engineering to fashion and film-making, there are ground breaking businesses and researchers in Scotland. Keynote speakers at the event on 18 July include Dr Paul Chapman, head of the School of Simulation and Visualisation(SimVis) at Glasgow School of Art and Peter Dobson, chief esecutive of Eventual VR, who are leading the way in Scotland’s AR/VR capability.

“As a group we will redefine the “art of possible” by broadening of our understanding and perspectives on enabling virtual reality in the real world,” said a spokesperson, “sharing resources, sparking creative ideas and supporting creative collaborations to innovate for society. We want a strong cross-sectoral presence to co-create with impact, so share this event with friends and colleagues.

The Art of Possible is a STEAMS (science, tech, engineering, art & design, maths, social sciences) programme for the Glasgow City region bringing design thinkers, technological innovators, scientists and civic entrepreneurs across the STEM, social science and creative industries to engage in Glasgow’s thriving enabling and emerging technology sector to explore what is possible.

It is an alliance of ideas and activities between Glasgow City Council, The Lighthouse, Glasgow City of Science & Innovation, Cultural Enterprise Office, and Technology Scotland. The programme provides a creative, participatory space for our diverse innovation community to explore new collaborative ideas, opportunities and partnerships that will drive ‘innovation with impact’ for both society and the wider economy.

Date: Tuesday 18th July 2017

Time: 13:30 arrival for 14:00 start

Venue: The Lighthouse Gallery 4, 56 Mitchell Street, Glasgow, G1 3LX

Tickets: Free