CommonSocial – a new online network for Scotland

A new social network launches this weekend offering users a dedicated space to “debate, network and organise around the big issues in Scotland”.

It has been created by Common Weal, the ‘think and do tank’ campaigning for social and economic equality in Scotland, and is part of the website CommonSpace.

A year in the making, the creators hope it will be a forum for politicial, cultural and social debate and be used to educate and organise.

Encouraging political engagement

CommonSocial will sit side-by-side with the news and original content on CommonSpace, and provide readers and users with all the relevant digital tools to empower action in towns and communities across Scotland.

“Political interest and engagement in Scotland flew off the charts during the Scottish independence referendum campaign, and many of the groups which sprung up during that time have continued campaigning and working towards change,” said CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty.

‘A digital hub’

“But it’s been difficult for many of these groups to maintain useful contact with each other. Facebook and Twitter aren’t really structured to provide the networking necessary for campaigners, and often debate is stifled because the environment just isn’t right.

“CommonSocial seeks to address that, and to finally give all these active and energetic people across Scotland a digital hub to branch out from.”

The network will go live at noon tomorrow and people will be able to join by creating an account at CommonSpace.