Cracking wheeze Gromit

National Museums Scotland has launched an online game featuring a character created in partnership with Wallace and Gromit animators Aardman.

The game allows players to use objects from the museum’s biomedical collections to care for a digital creature, known as Gen.

‘Little blobby creature’

As well as being fast-paced and strategic, Gen also offers people the chance to learn about biomedical objects on display in the museum; from wooden stethoscopes and early X-ray machines to the latest cutting-edge medical technologies.

When the “little blobby creature”, as his makers describe him, falls sick players must select the right object to diagnose and then treat the Gen; restoring it back to full health. The game can be played on a phone, tablet or a desktop without the need to download an app.

Its launch coincides with the opening of 10 new galleries devoted to applied art, design, fashion, science and technology. Biomedical displays are a theme throughout the science and technology galleries, supported by funding from the the Wellcome Trust.

A new way of interacting with museums

Sophie Goggins, assistant curator, biomedicine at National Museums Scotland said: “This is one of a number of fun ways we’re using to introduce some fairly complex ideas of medical science to a wider audience.”

“This has been a great opportunity for us to use our skills both to educate a new audience, and also to enhance the museum’s biomedical displays,” added Laura Chilcott, senior digital producer at Aardman.

Rob Cawston, digital manager at National Museums Scotland said: “It was fantastic collaborating with Aardman. With their passion for creating unique characters and stories and the technical expertise of the digital team we’ve created a new way to interact with the biomedical objects in the museum collections.”

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