Glasgow-based DI4D unveils highest fidelity facial performance capture yet

d4id motion capture

Glasgow-based world-leading facial performance capture company DI4D will unveil its highest fidelity facial performance capture so far at SIGGRAPH, the world’s largest computer graphics and interactive techniques conference, taking place in Los Angeles.

The Glasgow company has been operating since 2003 and has done work for Hollywood blockbusters like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and globally successful games like Halo and EA Sports’ FIFA.

“Much higher fidelity”

DI4D’s proprietary “motion scanning” technology captures 4D data comprising video rate 3D surface scans tracked with a dense fixed topology mesh.

The DI4D solution, which does not require any markers, make-up or structured light, provides much higher fidelity facial motion capture data than alternative solutions and ensures that every nuance of an actor’s facial performance is recorded.

Dr Colin Urquhart, CEO of DI4D said:

“We always try to present something new and exciting at SIGGRAPH and this year we will certainly do that by showing the highest fidelity DI4D facial performance capture data so far. We have increased the resolution of cameras used on one of our DI4D PRO systems by a factor of four from 3 to 12 mega-pixels and we have also significantly enhanced our 4D processing and mesh tracking software.”

“As a result we can capture much higher fidelity data and track even denser meshes than with our current DI4D PRO system. This ensures that we can record every nuance of an actor’s facial performance and satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding of movie visual effects projects.”

“We are also demonstrating the use of DI4D data in VR for the first time on our booth (342) at SIGGRAPH this year. The level of detail of facial performance we are now able to capture really needs to be seen – or even better, experienced in VR – to be believed!”