‘The difference between net fishing and spear fishing’

A Scottish company plans to disrupt the recruitment sector with the launch of its “talent generation management” software. Supported by Scottish Enterprise’s high growth start-up unit, CandidateID plans to build a team of 30 people over the next year.

It is being launched by Scot McRae, managing director of Glasgow-based marketing automation firm McRae & Co, and Adam Gordon, managing director of talent generation company Social Media Search.

Approaching candidates differently

“Candidate behaviour has changed and how candidates process important decisions is continuously evolving,” said McRae. “CandidateID allows companies to adapt to these changes and approach candidates in a different way.”

The software is designed to create talent pools which organisations can communicate with, as well as generating insights into individual candidates.

“Today, the very best candidates on the market are being approached, cold, about new roles and opportunities,” says the CandidateID website, currently in beta but going live on 1 September.

“This approach rarely works. In the ‘age of the candidate’ it is vital to build relationships with the highly coveted 8s, 9s and 10s before even attempting to engage them in a hiring conversation.”

‘Unique scoring system’

The firm has been working with recruitment specialists at blue chip firms including Aviva, Barclays, Philips, Quintiles, Telefonica and Carillion.

“Rather than casting a wide net, the unique scoring system allows recruiters to identify and target the candidates that are highly engaged with their content and the best fit for their organisation,” added McRae.

“It is the difference between net fishing and spear fishing,”