Digital security and super-computing among £200m European funding calls

Mariya Gabriel, recently appointed European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society.

The UK Government has urged business, universities and other organisations specialising critical infrastructure, digital security and high-performance computing to apply for more than £200m available in European funding, before deadlines expire this autumn.

Funding is being released through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 work programme, which supports and removes barriers to innovation in Europe to produce world-class science. UK businesses and universities are encouraged to bid for EU funding while the UK remains a member. It has committed to underwriting payment of awards even when projects continue beyond UK membership.

“You can also take advantage of individual fellowships, which for the first time have been extended to non-academic organisations,” said the Government in a statement. “This is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitate career moves and open more attractive opportunities.

The areas covered include:

Critical infrastructure

Covering the prevention, detection, response and mitigation of the combination of physical and cyber threats to the critical infrastructure of Europe. The list remaining for the 2017 call for proposals are:

  • communication infrastructure
  • health services
  • financial services

Total budget: 10 million euros
Close date: 24 August.

Digital security

Under the work programme ‘Secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens’, funding is available for two topics:

  • privacy, data protection and digital identities
  • addressing advanced cyber security threats and threat actors

Total budget: 36.5 million euros
Close date: 24 August


There are various calls open under the header of security, including:

  • big data and data analytics for risk management in the supply chain
  • risk-based screening at border crossing
  • broadband communications systems and networks

Total budget: 130.05 million euros
Close date: 24 August

High performance computing

By leveraging existing European strengths in high-performance computing, this competition aims to support and take advantage of the evolution from peta to exascale computing. The latest calls are for the transition to exascale computing and exascale HPC ecosystem development.

Total budget: 40 million euros
Closing date: 26 September

Individual fellowships

The individual fellowships are designed to enhance the creative and innovative potential of researchers who wish to diversify their individual competence through advanced training, international and cross-sector opportunities. This call will support placements for researchers into academic and non-academic organisations.

Total budget: 10 million euros
Close date: 14 September 2017