Digital stats not too baa-d at Royal Highland Show

Smartphones were the device of choice for farming types accessing content at this year’s Royal Highland Show.

According to new figures released by the organisers of the show at Ingliston, near Edinburgh airport, there was a 17% increase on such usage from the previous year. The organisers said: “Overall, smartphones were the most used device to access the RHS website in 2016. They accounted for 42% of the traffic closely followed by desktops, at 38% and tablets at 20%.”

During the Show, the website averaged over 100,000 impressions each day, with 48.8% of these impressions on a smartphone.

In 2016, the RHS also increased its social media presence following on from the previous year’s activity – by 17% on Facebook and 22% on Twitter.

As a result, show organisers are exploring how they can ensure that the show’s digital footprint is truly smartphone and tablet compatible, making it even easier to access RHS web content and improve the visitor online experience.


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