Don’t forget who gave you a gift and to thank them, says Glasgow app developer

Dramatic Software has releaaed ‘Who Gave Me What‘ 1.0, its gift tracking app developed for iPhone and iPad.

The idea came to developer Andrew Forrest when his baby daughter was born – he and his partner soon started to lose track of presents the baby had received, especially clothes and soft toys.

They took to recording gifts in the iPhone Notes app, with a photo of each gift. But recording gifts as notes quickly became unmanageable for more than a small handful of items, and keeping track of who had already been sent a thank-you card proved unwieldy.

Andrew, lead developer at Dramatic Software, searched Apple’s app store and found a number of apps for helping people plan to give other presents – but none to help track gifts received.

It was then that he hit on the idea of designing an app which would be easier to use than either pen and paper or Notes, while allowing the user to add photos of gifts straight from the device camera.

It would also be able to link them with givers from the user’s address nook and, crucially, to mark them ‘thanked’ or ‘unthanked’.

“The app seemed like something we would find useful,” he said. “And after using it ourselves for real over this Christmas and New Year, it was a relief to find that, yes, it does genuinely make keeping track of gifts much, much easier, and less error-prone for us.”

Who Gave Me What functions as a simple-to-use database; each gift is associated with a giver (from the phone’s address book contacts, if they’re in there), and an occasion: birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Eid, Hanukkah, a new baby, a wedding, engagement, graduation or anything else.

Givers and occasions can be added just by typing in a name, and they can easily be reused for any subsequent gift.

Users can then choose to view gifts ordered by occasion, who they’re from, or based on whether or not the giver is still to be thanked.

Although it was an important goal to keep the app as simple as possible, it does include the ability to use the giver’s contact details to send them a thank-you email, text message or WhatsApp message, or to initiate a thank-you phone call directly from the app.

As to the name, Andrew said: “We thought ‘it’s a straightforward app. It should have a straightforward name.’”