Dundee aiming for digital innovation and smart city infrastructure

Dundee City Council is aiming to become a digital local authority by 2020, after councillors backed a new strategy.

“Dundee is a leader in games and digital media, is changing for the future and has been three times listed as a top seven global Intelligent Community of the Year over the past decade,” says the strategy document.

It is one of a number of projects undertaken by the city under the banner ‘Changing the Future’.

As a UNESCO city of design and with the soon to be completed V&A being the centrepiece of a globally significant urban regeneration programme, Dundee’s digital credentials will be another key component in delivering the city’s vision statement “to attract and retain talent, creating jobs, social fairness, quality of life and environmental sustainability.”

The strategy says: “The vision for Dundee City Council is to become a council which has enhanced its services through digital and has effectively promoted the use of digital so that its citizens think digital first when requesting services because it is quicker and more convenient to do so.

“This vision covers more than just digital access to services, it covers the processes behind the services, the way our citizen’s find and access them, how we communicate, how we continue to improve but also aims to bring the city together by looking at a multiple digital themes.

“By creating a digital strategy, the council will be supporting other ‘Changing for the Future’ projects, providing the citizens of Dundee with a full choice of service options which are convenient and fit into their lives as seamlessly as possible regardless of age, location, time constraints or backgrounds.”

The aims are to:

“Deliver for our citizens by providing them with greater digital choice and efficiencies in service through digital optimisation;

“Unite the city through digital innovation and smart city infrastructure and;

“Improve the day to day lives of our citizens by using digital technologies to enhance the inclusion, health and wellbeing of all in the city.”