Dundee Angry Birds developer in revamp

Outplay Entertainment, the Dundee-based game developer known for its work with Angry Birds, is working on a refresh of its image.

It has hired Manchester-based agency e3creative to design a new interactive website aimed at an international audience, with more than 10 languages.

“Encouraging user interaction, through engaging elements, is the main concept being carried throughout all sections,” said Simon Fairhurst, e3creative’s head of design and user experience.

“For instance, great colour and large imagery are being incorporated with stunning UI and videos to entice visitors to click through, and explore the various areas.”

“Specifically, I’m working on an interactive case study area that’ll bring the artwork to life and convey the process of creating each game. It’ll host pencil sketches, original character designs, as well as plans and snippets from the original games.”

The new site is scheduled to go live in November.