East Kilbride firm extends digital reach to Australia

An East Kilbride company has taken content from local library books and created an immersive touchscreen experience for cafe-goers in Australia.

SOLUS UK worked with local council officials in Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney, to come up with a way of taking literature into a cafe environment.

The firm, which specialises in digital screens, installed its technology directly onto the tables in the local Civic Digest Cafe, to reach out to a new audience.

“At one time books were the only currency that libraries had and now we’ve moved that another step forward where people often only want the electronic and digital aspect,” says Liz McGettigan, Director of Digital Library Experiences at the firm.

“The beauty of it is that it’s a first for Australia so for Newcastle to make this happen is I think incredibly exciting.”

Diners and coffee drinkers now have the ability to immerse themselves in the latest international magazines, arts and culture journals and music databases.

Local officials said the partnership between the council and cafe has enabled it to open up its library to a different venue and different audience.

SOLUS UK works with government agencies, local authorities, health boards, education establishments, and medium to large companies.