Experts in informed consent

Digital tools are at the heart of managing the relationship between clinicians and patients so that they can provide the necessary ‘informed consent’.

In clinical scenarios – where patients require operations or procedures – the process of giving informed consent is often initiated during routine hospital appointments.

However, in an era of Covid – where it is desirable to reduce unnecessary outpatient visits – EIDO’s suite of informed consent online tools helps to keep that communication channel open digitally.

With over 800 hospitals across the UK, Australia, South Africa, the UAE and Canada already using EIDO’s Inform consent to treatment library, EIDO’s new digital tools are contributing to an improved landscape for managing that process online.

Adrian Lead, Director, EIDO, said: “The patient experience will improve significantly through early learning about the procedure at home – and therefore no unnecessary time in hospital. That means informed consent will be safer and more manageable for patients, as well as conveyed in language that can be easily understood in layman’s terms.

 “And for the hospitals, which do unfortunately operate in the context of medical liability, the tools are rigorous, more robust and more defensible, and the frequency of consent-related claims and litigation payouts will be set to decrease.”

Established in 2000, EIDO was created in response to the lack of medico-legally valid surgical and medical procedure information.

Today, EIDOs library comprises nearly 400 procedures and a customer base of 700+ public and private hospitals across four continents and is widely recognised as the standard for informed consent written information.

The library is endorsed by global medical representative bodies including The Royal College of Surgeons of Englandthe Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh; the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Irelandthe Canadian Association of General Surgeons and the Australian Patients’ Association.

The prestigious Plain English Campaign have also awarded Crystal Marks to all EIDO titles, which are received for the clarity of the language used.

A recent audit at the Nottingham University Hospitals NHSFT also showed that 100% of patients agreed that the Inform library was excellent” or good”, easy to understand” and contained all the information that they required”.

Another audit at the Northumbria Healthcare NHSFT showed that 100% of patients would recommend the EIDO Inform library to a friend or family member undergoing the same procedure and demonstrated a 26% increase in the understanding of a given procedure by patients.