First meeting to be jointly hosted by Data Lab and Stanford University

The Data Lab is launching a competition for schoolgirls across Scotland to win the opportunity to attend the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Edinburgh event, in partnership with Stanford University.

On 15 February, leaders in data science in Scotland will gather at The Balmoral to discuss the latest industry trends and practices.

The event is part of Stanford’s Global Women in Data Science international series designed to inspire and educate data scientists, regardless of gender, and support women in the field.

As part of its commitment to developing a skilled workforce and securing a pipeline of talented data scientists, the Data Lab is inviting school girls across Scotland to take part in the Women Data Scientists in the Making competition.

It will give aspiring data scientists the opportunity to connect with potential mentors and collaborators in the field.

Entrants are asked to submit their best idea of how the world will look in 20 years thanks to data and technology. The winning submission will see the girls in that class invited to attend the flagship event.

Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab, said: “In a digital world, data underpins almost everything we do; whether it’s sending a text, browsing the internet or streaming music.

“The rapidly increasing volume and variety of data requires constantly evolving skills and expertise to extract the biggest potential from data.

“With these skills in high demand but short supply, a career in data science presents a lucrative opportunity for young people.

“We want to drive that message to young women in particular and what better way than offering the chance to meet female role models from the industry.”

The Stanford University WiDS Conference will be held on 3 February and streamed live.