Former police officer to lead cyber forum

A former top police officer is to lead a Scottish digital technology forum on how to tackle the growing cyber security threat.

Keith McDevitt, who was head of the e-Crime unit at Fife Constabulary, will chair a panel discussion into the risks of hacking at the Google Garage in Glasgow later this month.

McDevitt, who is now head of the Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience unit, will feature among a panel of five of the foremost cyber experts in Scotland. He played a large part in the recent launch of the ‘safe, secure, prosperous’ cyber strategy for Scotland.

The gathering comes just a few weeks after a high-profile DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack caused major outages for Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud and more.

Panelists will be asked to consider the dangers of security breaches to companies of all sizes at the event, which will be hosted by tech trade body ScotlandIS.

“Last year saw half a billion personal records stolen or lost and a 57 per cent rise in cyber crime,” said Polly Purvis, chief executive of ScotlandIS.

“Thanks to recent widely-reported incidents of cyber crime and security breaches in the press, public awareness of possible financial loss and risk of compromised privacy has never been greater. A successful attack can ruin hard earned reputations in minutes. In this climate it is essential that all companies know these risks, learn how to spot them and how they can mitigate them.”

Purvis continued: “I am delighted that five of the nation’s top security experts have agreed to share their knowledge on the types of risk and strategic challenges that companies encounter everyday when it comes to cyber crime. They will be drawing on their own experiences in the field, offering advice on how to stay safe, and taking questions from audience.”

Speakers on the night include David Stubley, founder of 7 Elements, the Edinburgh based IT security testing specialists, speaking on truly secure systems. Jamie Graves, managing director of data security firm, Zone Fox, will talk on the subject of cyber threats coming from within organisations.

Scott Barnett, head of intelligence and response at TSB, will ask ‘what does a cyber threat look like’, while Mike Upton from information assurance specialists NCC will talk on ‘Cyber, what’s the problem?’

The event takes place in the Google Garage in Glasgow’s Mitchell Library on the 17th November. Visit here to find out more and how to apply for tickets.