FS Fives Thursday September 1

ScotlandIS, the digital tech trade body, has urged policy makers to take “decisive action” in five separate areas to mitigate negative impacts of Brexit on the sector. The organisation, which represents the interests of the digital industries in Scotland, is calling for a guarantee that EU workers in Scotland are allowed to remain indefinitely, and continued access to a skilled European workforce.

App for earthquake hotspots

A smartphone app being developed by scientists in Scotland could allow people living in some of the world’s worst earthquake hotspots to know whether their homes are at risk of collapse. The digital platform – being developed at the University of Edinburgh – would be able to capture data from seismic detectors and relay it directly to devices with precise GPS information about local risk.

Six pillar plan

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is calling for a stronger backing for their regional exchange, IXScotland, following a report released last week by Audit Scotland and the Scottish Government. The report highlights their vision for a world-class digital Scotland by 2020 with a ‘6 pillar’ infrastructure plan, with an Internet exchange being one of these key factors. However, no reference was made to the fact that LINX had established such an exchange nearly three years ago.

AI startup acquired by Apple

Machine learning and artificial intelligence startup Turi has been acquired by Apple in a deal characterized as a blockbuster exit for the Seattle-based company, formerly known as Dato and GraphLab, GeekWire reports. The acquisition reflects a larger push by Apple into artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

And finally…Just when you thought the Pokemons had gone away, now it appears as though the ‘next step’ is to take them for a walk!