FS Fives: Friday, August 12

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First up, Facebook has deployed an AdBlock blocker blocker blocker. We know this is a difficult one to follow but, on Tuesday, Facebook announced it had blended the HTML of its ads on the web into its content so they would still appear to users with ad blocking software. Within hours, the leading blocker software company Adblock Plus vowed to crowdsource a workaround from its community. On Wednesday, it released an update to its filter that it claimed once again removed Facebook’s ads. “For this round of the cat-and-mouse contest, looks like the mouse won,” it said. Last night Facebook pushed an update to its site’s code designed to nullify the Adblock Plus workaround. The mouse was barely into its cheese and Facebook had hit back.

Mobile network drones

Next, Nokia and EE have been testing the use of drones in extending mobile coverage to remote areas. The trial used a drone to carry a tiny base station to rural communities around Inverness. It showed that mobile coverage can be established quickly over several miles. High quality LTE voice calls, video streaming and up to 150 Mbps data throughput were achieved with no need for a connection to an external core network. The technique could also be used to expand mobile capacity at large events.

$3m of funding for Edinburgh-based analytics company

Edinburgh-based TV ad analytics platform TVSquared has landed $3m in funding from existing and new investors, including West Coast Capital. The latest round brings its total funding to more than $5.5m. The company, which also has offices in London, San Francisco and New York, delivers analytics to enable its customers to improve the performance of their TV advertising campaigns. As part of the announcement, TVSquared said technology entrepreneur Chris van der Kuyl would join the company as chairman.

Network with the Scottish digital technology sector

With only eight weeks to go, ScotSoft 2016 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever. This year’s event will offer unparalleled access to the insight and expertise of this year’s impressive line-up of speakers. Its exhibition will also give you the chance to network with some of Scotland’s leading businesses. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn first-hand about the many varied organisations operating in Scotland’s thriving tech sector, and how they could be useful to your business.

And finally…’A honeypot for assholes’: inside Twitter’s 10 -year failure to stop harassment.

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