FS Fives Friday September 2

Welcome to your daily tech roundup from Futurescot.com

Glasgow tech firm ECS has acquired London-based DevOps specialist Forest Technologies as it seeks to expand its offering to the digital transformation market.The purchase, for an undisclosed amount, will see the company take advantage of an increasing appetite among big companies to change their business models based on the continuous update and delivery of new software architecture.

Edinburgh Napier university’s resident cyber and data guru Professor Bill Buchanan has been taking a very active interest in data visualisation of health and social care data. Mapping out some of the hotspots for alcohol misuse, school attainment and hospital stays in his home city of Edinburgh, the wily professor’s research makes for some sobering reading on the disparity of data between the richer and poorer areas of the capital.

Dr. Tobias Schwarz, of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, has openly licensed a collection of 3D CT scans of a variety of wild and domestic animal skeletons and skulls. The 3D images have been shared on the Open.Ed Sketchfab account by Brian Mather, Senior E-Learning Developer at The Dick Vet, where they can be viewed, downloaded, re-used and re-shared. You can use the viewing tool in Sketchfab to zoom in and rotate the view to examine the images from a variety of angles. A Virtual Reality view is also provided.

Accidental data breaches are increasingly a problem that haunts business but firms should not take the heavy handed approach if their employees have slipped up, says ZoneFox, the Edinburgh cyber security specialists. Instead, companies should educate their workforce, only allow access to data sets relevant to a person’s job, and avoid using ‘shadow’ IT. Only by introducing a  ‘blend of policies, processes and technologies’ can companies ensure the correct protocols are established to enhance their data security.

And finally… Ever wondered what your state pension forecast might be? Well, a million other people have pondered that very thought by looking up their likely retirement earnings from the state.