FS Fives: Friday, September 9

Welcome to your daily tech roundup from Futurescot.com

Colleges are ideal places to fire up students who have been put off the subject, according to videogame entrepreneur Chris van der Kuyl. The chairman of 4J Studios, developers of Minecraft: Console Edition, said that young people who have been turned off maths need to be “unleashed” on “real-life problems” so that they can develop confidence in the subject and learn essential skills.

MaidSafe, the Troon-based start-up developing a decentralised, secure approach to the Internet, is launching an equity fund-raising round with BnkToTheFuture, an online investment platform. It follows the recent alpha launch of its network, SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone). The round will enable MaidSafe to continue recruiting developers and grow awareness amongst application developers and strategic partners.

Dundee-based game developer Outplay Entertainment known for its work with Angry Birds, is working on a refresh of its image. It has hired Manchester-based agency e3creative to design a new interactive website aimed at an international audience, with more than 10 languages. The new site is scheduled to go live in November.

Glasgow-based Traceall Global specialises in ‘traceability software’, which has kept tabs on Coca-Cola’s thousands of chillers across Europe and monitored the origins of food products bought for Jamie Oliver’s catering businesses. Now it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian government, aimed at alleviating the country’s illegal fishing problem which costs its economy £15.2bn a year.

And finally…Google is working on a programme aimed at dissuading people from joining ISIS.