FS Fives: Thursday, July 21

Welcome to the latest FS Fives – FutureScot’s lunchtime round-up of Scottish digital news.

Focus on UX

First up, a programme involving some of the best design-led organisations in the UK takes place in Scotland in September; the first instalment of a series of events around the world focusing on service design and user experience (UX). Design Safari is a joint venture between service design specialists Snook and On-Off Group, and will focus in on how to create a modern design-led organisation. It will be hosted in London and Scotland by organisations such as IBM, Pearson, CodeBase and Skyscanner. Sarah Drummond, co-founder of Snook, said: “We know that for every £1 spent on design there is a £4 gain in net operating profit, over £20 net turnover and over £5 net exports. Design and a focus on user experience is now viewed as a critical competitive strength across companies of all sizes, helping organisations design and develop services that work and deliver value to people.” The 5-day safari takes in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Lomond and will also be hosted by STV, the Scottish Government, Design Informatics and Loch Lomond National Park.

Aardman Animations create educational game

Next, National Museums Scotland has launched an online game featuring a character created in partnership with Wallace and Gromit animators Aardman. The game allows players to use objects from the museum’s biomedical collections to care for a digital creature, known as Gen.

Bots in the workplace

If you need to do a job more than once then automate it – or so the wisdom goes. The growing availability of intelligent, automated software – or bots – is making automation a reality for businesses of all sizes. Daniel Winterstein is director at Edinburgh software company SoDash and bots maker SoGrow and has a PhD in artificial intelligence (AI) from the University of Edinburgh. He says AI-powered bots can have a positive impact on the workplace but also points to some high-profile disasters such as Microsoft’s Tay – a Twitter account chatbot that was designed to learn conversational skills from others’ tweets, which led to its tweets becoming racist and sexist.

Not everything is as it memes

“Not everything fits the current storyline. Not everything is as it memes.” The great Dave Pell on what happened when American police approached a black teenager who was living in a tent while he looked for a job.

And finally…talk about disruption, the DollarShaveClub has been bought by Unilever for £1bn – how much of that is for their ads?

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