FS Fives: Thursday, June 16

Welcome to the latest FS Fives – FutureScot’s lunchtime round-up of Scottish digital news.

First up, the US President’s wife Michelle Obama has praised the work of a Glasgow School of Art graduate for championing the use of technology by young people in Kenya. Wanjiru Waweru-Waithaka, who graduated in Interior Architecture in 2011, first founded FunKidz, a children’s furniture business, which now exports its products around the world. More recently, she launched FunKidz Tech which introduces children to technology, animation and robotics. “Through a loan funded by Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 women program, Waithaka has been able to double her production capacity for FunKidz, hire new employees, and start selling her products around the world. She [also] stepped up and founded a programme for struggling families to teach them about innovation and technology,” said the First Lady.

Tomorrow evening, lawyers and technologists will gather in Glasgow in preperation for a weekend legal hackathon, aimed at “designing sustainable and scalable solutions to problems that prevent people receiving access to justice”. Arlene McDaid, founder of Legal Hackers Scotland, said it was “a unique opportunity for lawyers to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals and crowdsource innovative solutions to pressing access to justice issues.” Stuart Naismith, of the Law Society of Scotland, added: “With cuts to legal aid, court closures and a range of other factors, access to justice is becoming more challenging for people. We think that there is great potential in using technology to help address this and introduce new digital products which would improve access to justice for people across the country.”

From September, Glasgow Caledonian University is running an MSc/PgD big data technologies programme for postgraduate students, endorsed by global analytics organisation SAS. Peter Barrie, senior lecturer in the Department of Computer, Communications and Interactive Systems, said: “This is a great new opportunity for GCU to help students develop strong skills in the most exciting technologies emerging in the world of computing today − data analytics, big data computing platforms and programming techniques, cloud computing and web technologies, and Internet of Things.” The programme includes involvement with The Data Lab in events across the country.

So you’re in a hotel and THE FRICKIN WIFI DOESN’T WORK. Calm down. It’ll be ok. Sorry, not you. But, you know what we mean, don’t you? When THE FRICKIN… Ok, calm, we’re ok, are you ok? So … Fasque Castle, “a naturally exquisite country estate with a beautiful baronial mansion at its heart”, which is in Aberdeenshire and looks amazing, has the addded avantage of some new fangled thing called ‘GeoWeave’ from Aberdeen’s Indigo Technologies, which means that a wireless signal can be accessed from any device in any part of the building.” Now we’re calm. Now we’re ready to chill and read a good book.

And finally…Netflix is being sued by people that it pays to watch Netflix all day. Huh?