FS Fives: Wednesday, August 10

First up, a new digital tool has been developed to help lay and professional audiences understand how to assess the quality of health research evidence. Amid criticism that much of the health research we see in the media is often misleading, inaccurate or unbalanced, experts at the University of Glasgow, supported by the Medical Research Council and the Chief Scientist Office (NHS Scotland), have developed Understanding Health Research, a free online tool which allows non-expert audiences to decide if a given health study is dependable and relevant.

“There are real benefits to health literacy, which is the ability to understand, assess and use health information. These skills have been linked to better health outcomesbetter relationships with healthcare providers, and better decision making,” say the authors.

Going places…by not going there

Ever wondered what’s it like to visit Skara Brae, Orkney’s world-famous Neolithic settlement, without actually going there? Thanks to Glasgow creative media firm Soluis Group this is now possible after the ancient site was brought to life in a stunning virtual reality display. The VR experience will be relayed to audiences as part of ‘Augmented Business Week’, which takes place at the #hellodigital demonstration centre at An Lòchran on Inverness Campus from 29 August – 2 September.

Visitors will get the chance to try out equipment such as the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift devices and discover how they can be used for business purposes.

The daily seminars on AR / VR along with hands-on exhibits will provide a lively, interactive platform where delegates can learn, network, and share knowledge.

PCs need new PCs

London’s Met Police has missed a deadline to upgrade its Windows XP operating system, reports Channel Register.

According to figures revealed by the site, the largest police force in the land had a total of 35,640 PCs, with 34,920 of them running XP (as of May 2015), which is no longer automatically supported by Microsoft without a special Custom Support Agreement.

Although the force set itself a target of finishing the migration to Windows 8.1 by March this year, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has reportedly revealed that just 8,000 of the force’s PCs have moved to Windows 8.1 since last September. The target is for another 6,000 by the end of September 2016.

CalMac’s digital journey

CalMac might not be the first name that trips off the tech tongue, but the ferry operator has a digital journey to tell. At a free talk, also in Inverness, on September 13, members of the company will reveal how the UK’s largest ferry operator supported its users as they embraced new technologies within the firm, helped by IBM.

Caledonian MacBrayne share why they chose to build collaboration into their business and how that fitted into their bigger digital journey, says the hellodigital.scot site.

And finally…What goes around comes around, eh. How ad blockers themselves are now being blocked. Oh, the irony.


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