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Annual Conferences

Cyber Security 2022

28 Feb 2022

Health & Care 2022

24 Mar 2022

EduTech 2022

19 May 2022

Digital Vision for Scotland

Our Digital Vision for Scotland series keeps you connected and up-to-date with the latest public technology and innovation news, analysis and insight. Supported by our Strategic Partners, these virtual and live engagement events – consisting of conferences, half-day seminars, briefings and roundtable discussions – are remotely accessible from your office or home, providing a rich forum for professional networking, learning and discussion. For more information contact 

Commercial partnerships

Futurescot Live is Scotland’s leading producer of public technology events and we have a range of Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships to ensure you have a rich and rewarding experience each time you work with us. 

Become a Strategic Partner

As a Strategic Partner you will have a prominent role across a series of key Futurescot media activities on the topics that matter most to your organisation. Our editorial and events teams will work closely with you to create a balanced media and contact programme across the year embracing the appropriate blend of Futurescot online, magazine, newsletter, webinar and conference brands. 

Become a Sponsor

Each Conference has an overall Lead Sponsor and a series of sponsored Workshops and Leadership Streams which can accurately deliver the style and level of interaction you require. 

Unique media support with the Times Scotland 

Lift your brand above the noise of the local trade and tech media. We will align your brand with the Times Scotland creating a legacy report published in Futurescot magazine reaching over 45,000 influencers and key businesspeople. Your message will be shared in our Newsletter and amplified on our website for 12 months. 

Data & analytics

We will supply you with post conference analytics and attendee data supported by feedback from on the day engagement. 

Thought leadership 

Benefit by association with the promotion and delivery of our events, our speakers and our attendees.

Brand & product awareness 

Showcase your products and services that can help Scotland build back post pandemic. 

For more information contact 


We offer a full digital event experience delivering maximum engagement connecting you with the people you want to meet. Our bespoke webinars offer a responsive and smooth experience across all devices. 

  • Hosted by a Futurescot journalist 
  • Up to 5 speakers 
  • Up to 300 attendees 
  • Fully interactive with a live Q & A and polling function 
  • Post event survey and access to our communications matrix 
  • Live streamed and on-demand recordings 
  • You help shape the event agenda, delegate and speaker acquisition. 


A unique opportunity to convene an exclusive group of executives from your industry for a private discussion.  

  • Establish your organisation as the sector expert 
  • Subtly drive business development 
  • Voice your opinion on key industry topics 
  • Hosted by a FutureScot journalist 
  • Up to 5 speakers 
  • Post event survey and access to our communications matrix 
  • You help shape the event agenda and speaker acquisition. 


DigitalScotand is a fabulous event and brings together people from all over Scotland. It connects different sectors of industry so that they can really talk about what matters and what we can do together to build Scotland’s reputation as a digital nation.
The event is a showcase for new ideas, digital products and services, helping them to get to market quicker, to really scale-up and make this a successful digital country.

Colin Cook, Digital Director, The Scottish Government

For me the biggest gain came from listening to where different justice organisations, speakers and suppliers are on their digital journeys, the challenges they have and the opportunities for policy change that can be achieved through digitally enabled transformation. A really well organised event that provided good networking opportunities.

Jim Wilson, Programme Manager, Justice Digital Strategy, The Scottish Government 

I would like to feedback how professionally managed this was. Great experience.

Anne-Marie Gallagher, Chief Information Officer, NHS 24

Executive engagement

Communicate and develop meaningful relationship with our high-profile speakers and audiences while maximising your ROI and lead generating opportunities. For more information contact 

High profile speakers

Influential public and private sector speakers are supported by high-profile contributors from UK and International arenas, creating an engaging forum for government, public and third sector attendees to discuss key issues in a focused and interactive environment.  


High level audiences

Working closely with the Scottish Government we are now established as having the leading forums for senior stakeholders engaged in the digital transformation of Scotland’s public services, delivering economic recovery and meeting climate change targets. 

Futurescot Testimonials

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Our Sponsors

Futurescot Live Events can play a vital role in your marketing and business development plans.  Here are a selection of our past and present Commercial Partners  

5G Centre
Care Inspectorate
Development Loan
EIDO Healthcare
Fujitsu Logo Hi-Res
Quorum Cyber
Red Hat
UKBIM Alliancepng

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