Game designers ‘studiotel’ pencilled in for Dundee

Plans are being drawn up to build an international games design studio in the heart of Dundee’s £1bn waterfront development.

The so-cslled ‘studiotel’ would combine state-of-the-art digital facilities with accommodation to provide games designers with an “immersive live-in experience”.

It is hoped that the multi-million-pound project would enhance Dundee’s reputation as an international games design hub and attract creative talent from around the UK and overseas to live and work in the city.

The Courier reports that the concept for the building is being developed by the UK Games Talent and Finance CIC. The Dundee-based group manages the UK Government-backed Games Fund which provides early stage funding to games developers.

“The creation of this studiotel in Dundee would see the Tay Cities region pioneer a world-first facility,” its chief executive, Paul Durrant told the paper.

“As a UK and international-facing organisation, we have been actively seeking a home for this concept, with a number of games clusters at home and abroad representing potential.

“However, because of our links with the city and our roots, it would be fantastic to see this happen in Dundee.

“We want to grow the volume of original digital intellectual property created and marketed from within the Tay Cities region and attract money and talent to support our growing wealth of creativity.”

The bulk of the funding for the £15.5m building would come from a private sector developer, with a further £13.5m contribution sought from the Tay Cities Deal.

Designers based at the studiotel would be able sign blockchain contracts, intended to more fairly recognise their creative input into a games development project.

The Courier reported: “Backers believe the facility has the potential to significantly increase the digital interactive developer base in the city, contribute around £70m to the local economy over ten years and become a major attraction in its own right with at least 200,000 visitors to public showcase events over the same time period.”