Google opens ‘Digital Garage’ in Glasgow

A new digital training centre is opening in Glasgow, where Google will offer the general public expert advice and skills training. The so called “digital garage” at the Mitchell library follows on from successful centres in Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle.

Support for small businesses

Google report that their findings show 68 percent of businesses taking part in their training have seen positive results. 88 percent have changed the way they run or promote their business online as a result of taking part.

Google’s Digital Garages are primarily aimed at small businesses, graduates and people wanting to change their careers but offers skills support and classes for anyone who wants to sign up. It will also host computer training for charities and local students and teachers and is part of a drive to train 250,000 people by the end of the year.

First class training in digital garage

Keith Brown, the economy minister, said that the Scottish government was committed to working with partners such as Google to develop digital talent.
“It’s fantastic that Google is making this investment in Scotland,” he said. “The training and support delivered via Google’s digital garage is first class. I hope as many of our businesses and citizens as possible, at any age and stage, take advantage of this great opportunity to increase their digital skills.”

Peter Barron, Google UK vice-president for communications, said: “Our technology helps companies be discovered by new customers, boosts productivity by helping teams collaborate better and helps content creators get paid for their creativity.
“It can be easy to think that technology is just for start-ups but we know it can bring real growth to all businesses and improve.”

The Glasgow digital garage will be open until the end of January. Register for training here.