Hackathon explores the future of Scottish transport

Data scientists and analysts, designers, software engineers and transport industry professionals are spending three days and  nights side by side developing product prototypes to improve transport services within Scotland.

Product Forge is running a competitive transport hackathon at CodeBase in Edinburgh from Thursday 4 May. “Regardless of whether you already have an idea that you would like to prototype, or don’t and would just like to make new connections, we invite you to come along and meet talented people with a shared interest in the future of Scottish transport,” said Michael Young, chief executive of MBN Solutions, and organiser of the Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup.

Participants from a range of backgrounds and skills form teams to work on a product prototype with support from industry experts in the transport sector and the wider technology community. It is an opportunity to bring digital expertise to disrupt the transport industry in Scotland, expand professional networks, fix a problem within the sector and even launch a new product or company. Those taking part will receive mentoring, 10 free meals and 24 hour access to the venue The top ranking teams can access support to develop their concept further. Register here.