LITE 2017: how to scale companies and transfer knowledge more efficiently

The LITE Conference (Learning, Innovation, Technology, Evolution) is back for its third year and will take place from the 21-22 September in Edinburgh, writes Ruaridh Hopton.

Presented by Administrate, and powered by attendees, vendors, and partners from all over the world, it’s a fast growing gathering, focused on how to scale companies, transfer knowledge more efficiently, and new technology within the professional training sector.

Highlights from 2016

Its second edition boasted a fantastic range of speakers ranging from record-breaking cyclist Graham Obree to John Romero, the co-creator of the DOOM, Quake, and Commander Keen franchises. On top of this, the LITE program has always featured highly rated, in-depth sessions. LITE 2016 was no different, with informative and insightful sessions being run to help training professionals better run their operations.

Focused on growth

LITE 2017 is bigger, better, and packed with even more resources targeted at training professionals, HR professionals, and start-ups who want to learn how to grow their business.

Unlike last year we have not one, but two session tracks! Yes, that’s right, we’re upping the ante for LITE 2017! With two tracks we have been able to create a schedule that concentrates on the broader concepts that are applicable to all training companies and all learning professionals. So regardless of whether you are a customer or not, LITE will provide value.

Sessions will cover a range of topics including marketing, sales, operations, and new technologies are a key part of this year’s offerings. In addition, strategic partners CloudShare will be on hand to talk about the benefits of integration, efficiency, and how their solution has propelled them to become one of the fastest growing cloud start-ups in the world.

Administrate will also be sharing how it grew from just a handful of employees in 2014 to having more than sixty team members on three continents in 2017. These sessions will be heavily attended and can apply to any industry, not just L&D.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be LITE without parties, networking, and tons of fun! Our historic pub tour is back as well as the ever-popular party in our ever-growing offices. So, grab a ticket and we’ll see you there!

Ruaridh Hopton is conference coordinator at Administrate.