Loyalty app provider creates 45 jobs in Glasgow

Swipii has secured a half a million pound Regional Selective Assistance grant from Scottish Enterprise, allowing it to expand its operation.

Business owners who use Swipii’s service to reward customers today met Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution Derek Mackay at the company’s headquarters to discuss the benefits the app has had for them.

May Gem Tan, Owner of Tempo Te Bar, said: “The Swipii loyalty programme has really helped us engage with our customers. We’ve seen a steady increase in our revenue and profitability. Swipii allows us to make our customers feel highly valued without that costing us a great deal of money.”

Swipii launched in 2014 ands now has the service available at 563 locations across the UK. Currently it has ten employees, but over the next 12 months will recruit a further 45 staff members while leasing additional space at its St Vincent Street office.

Swipii allows shoppers to sign up via a dedicated iPad at a participating retail outlet and collect points at each visit by scanning a card, key fob or via a mobile app. Each retailer can tailor the rewards it offers and consumers are regularly notified of the latest deals.

Chief executive and co-founder of Swipii Chitresh Sharma said: “One of the best choices we made was to start a business in Scotland due to its amazing and very supportive ecosystem.

“We have been helped hugely from getting our first office through to hiring the right the people and support with funding. We are delighted to see such fast growth and hope to repeat a SkyScanner story but this time from Glasgow.”

Derek Mackay said: “Swipii is an excellent example of a Scottish start up at the forefront of software technology.”

Adrian Gillespie, managing director of growth Companies, innovation and infrastructure at Scottish Enterprise said: “Swipii has joined the many startups which benefit from Scotland’s top technology talent and we look forward to working with the company as it progresses its impressive expansion plan.”

Regional Selective Assistance grants provide around £20m to help all sizes of companies at all stages of development across a wide range of sectors.