Matchmaking service launched for vloggers and brands

A Scottish PR agency is launching a matchmaking service to pair up promising ‘vloggers’ with corporate brands.

Beattie Communications is also to set up a video and content studio in its Falkirk ‘media village’ to allow vloggers to up the quality of their productions.

The studio will be up and running by the end of the year and it will coincide with the launch of a dating forum to match vloggers and bloggers with corporate brands.

“Consumers are showing a huge appetite for meaningful and entertaining content and big brands are increasingly savvy to the fact that vloggers are the new bloggers, expanding their opportunities to build product visibility and drive sales,” said Laurna Woods, CEO of Beattie Group, which has eight offices across the UK, including London, Glasgow, Manchester and Edinburgh.

“We are creating a dating forum to bring consumer brands together with the hottest celebrity bloggers and vloggers as well as establishing our own stable of aspiring blogging and vlogging talent.

“Our new video and content studio will be used to produce videos and vlogs for clients in the UK, USA and Anglosphere countries around the globe.

“The production team is already in place but we are keen to give something back to the local community by offering work experience and training opportunities to bright graduates,” she added.

Vloggers’ – video bloggers – are increasingly being used by advertisers as ‘ambassadors’ for their products, and some have massive online followings. Pewdiepie, the gaming YouTuber, has 48m global subscribers and Zoella, the fashion vlogger, has 11m. Many advertisers are now turning to vloggers as an alternative to celebrity endorsements.

The sound-proof studio will be set up in Beattie’s Media Village in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, where 6,000 sq ft of space has been earmarked for creative projects.

Beattie has just completed a 100-seat conference centre and a dedicated training academy in the 18,000sq ft complex. The total cost of the investment will be £120,000.

The company is also exploring the possibility of hosting events that would allow for more direct introductions between vloggers and brands.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Beattie has eight offices in the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. It recently set up shop in Canada.

Headline clients include Specsavers, Merck, High Street TV, Kimberly Clark, flybe and French fashion house La Redoute.