MindMate – the dementia app with Glasgow origins

What: MindMate is an app, developed by graduates from Glasgow and Strathclyde universities, that aims to help both people living with dementia and their families and carers.

The inspiration for the app came from cofounder and CTO Rogelio Arellano’s story of his grandfather who had Alzheimers and whom Rogelio and his family cared for at home.

Who: The four co-founders – Rogelio Arellano, Susanne Mitschke, Patrick-Renner and Gabriela Matic – started building the app while still in university and, in Matic’s own words it “quickly became more important than our degree, and what started as ‘Uni work first’ turned into ‘Dissertation work awaits after all the work on MindMate is done.'”

Why: MindMate state their aims with the app are:

“We want to make people with Alzheimer’s more independent;

We want to improve the caring process, and;

We want to give family-members a greater peace of mind.”

Successes: They secured NHS Trust Greater Glasgow & Clyde as their first paying customer, and the app is being used in several care facilities across the UK and USA.

The team was accepted into the prestigious NYC-based startup accelerator Techstars in 2016 and recounted their journey in a series of three blog posts on the FutureScot website:

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