National Coding Week starts today

National Coding Week starts today, Monday the 19th of September, and runs for the full week, with a host of activities aimed at getting people to learn coding and other digital skills.

There are events in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and USA, with around forty of them in Scotland and even one event entitled “Careers in the Digital World” taking place in Shetland.

As opposed to the wealth of resources and events aimed at getting children and young people into coding, National Coding Week stands out through their focus on teaching digital skills to adults.

Richard Rolfe, co-founder of National Coding Week, writes in a blog post that “children are part of a confident “Digital Generation” having grown up with the internet, smart phones and coding classes. However, many adults have missed out on the digital revolution and feel left behind.”

The aim of National Coding Week is to give adults the opportunity to learn some digital skills. We want to create taster sessions for parents, teachers, business leaders, school leavers, the unemployed, people with autism or those who have retired.”

National Coding Week runs from the 19th to the 25th of September and there are events all over the country. Find an event map on the website and a full list of events here.