New images reveal Edinburgh and Glasgow have most green spaces of UK’s largest cities

“Edinburgh has the most green space amongst the UK’s 10 most populated cities, followed by Glasgow in second place,” reports The Herald’s Brian Donnolly.

“The images were revealed by mapping firm Esri UK using satellite images and its own analytical software to determine where the green space or vegetation was in each city.

“Edinburgh has the highest percentage of green space with 49 per cent, followed by Glasgow with 32 per cent then Bristol with 29 per cent. Greater London was ranked fifth with 23 per cent while Liverpool was shown to have the least, with only an eighth of its land cover classified as green space.

“The analysis was carried out by Esri using freely available Landsat 8 satellite imagery from Spring 2016 and analysed with the organisation’s image analysis tools, to calculate the percentage of green space in each city, shown by bright green areas.”