New immersive experiences funding call event in Glasgow

A briefing will offer those working in the technology, arts and humanities, social science, and creative sectors the opportunity to apply for a portion of £2m in funding to develop new immersive experiences.

Glasgow-based TRCmedia is supporting the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s UK-wide series of events on its funding call for proposals of early stage research partnerships that can explore the creation of new immersive experiences addressing three key themes; memory, place and performance.

The call, made jointly with the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, is for proposals to win grants of up to £75,000 for 6 to 9 month projects. The academic-led multi-disciplinary teams can also include industrial partners, ranging from film and TV production companies to digital design companies and games developers.

Find out more about the research call and be inspired by case studies and interviews with experts in immersive experiences at the Glasgow breakfast briefing on 5 July at The Studio, 67 Hope Street.

The event will be of interest to:

  • Arts and humanities researchers: performance studies, philosophy, music, architecture, design research, service design, interactive design, design informatics, media and arts, film, digital and creative arts, fine art, archaeology, environmental humanities, museum studies, information studies, digital humanities, heritage, IROs
  • Technology and social science researchers: in HCI, sensors and signal processing, cybersecurity, telecommunications (infrastructure and services), satellite and space technology, software engineering, computer graphics, simulation and modelling, GIS and informatics, computer games, motion and performance capture, urban planning and smart cities, ethnographers, anthropologists, geographers, psychologists and those interested in new business models and cultural practice;
  • Creative economy industrial partners: GIS providers, planners, publishers, software and service providers (including OEMs) aerospace, film and TV production companies, motion and performance capture, film studios and support services, design studios, computer games developers, theatre companies, live events producers and technical providers, retailers, museums and galleries, heritage sector (including interpretation and land management), VR & AR software developers, animations and GFX, architects and digital design companies supporting all these sectors.