Digital rebrand for Cricket Scotland

new cricket scotland logo

Cricket Scotland, with the help of Edinburgh-based Border Crossing Media, has launched a new website and logo as it seeks to reach out to new audiences.

Over the past few months Cricket Scotland has listened to feedback from a diverse group of its key stakeholders which helped mould the new site.

“When we started out we wanted to change the perception of cricket in Scotland and enhance how we communicate with those who are important to us, which is an incredibly big job.”, said Cricket Scotland Chief Executive Malcolm Cannon.

“With over 230+ Clubs in Scotland, it’s certainly not a minority sport as some people would believe,” he added.

The change in logo was instigated due to the heraldic figure in the previous incarnation coming under scrutiny from the Lord Lyon. This ancient heraldry law only applies in Scotland and has caused several football teams, like Airdrie and Ayr, to change their logos.

“Instead of looking at it from a negative perspective, we’ve taken the opportunity to create a whole new brand and improve the way we communicate with those who have a passion for the sport in Scotland.” said Cricket Scotland Communications Manager Ben Fox.

François Roshdy, founder of Border Crossing Media, added: “Cricket Scotland are passionate about transforming how cricket is perceived in Scotland. Their commitment to growing the game fuelled everything that we did, from brand strategy through to integrating back-office tools. We can’t wait to see how Cricket Scotland uses the new assets at its disposal to reach and engage the next generation of cricketers.”.

Some of the new features on the now mobile responsive site include, player profiles of the national men and women’s squads, as well as a revamp of the Scottish Cricket Hall of Fame.

The new site also features various tools for the organisation’s member, like search-by-postcode and club directory, along with a new members portal to be rolled out in the future months.