New year, new home for construction innovation centre

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) is preparing to open its new innovation and collaboration centre.

The consruction sector employs 170,000 people – 10% of Scottish jobs – across 31,000 businesses and the premises at Hamilton International Technology Park will be available to people and businesses to use, supporting them to innovate, collaborate and learn.

It will allow the industry to attract and develop fresh talent and build new skills using virtual reality and drone technology, automated manufacturing equipment and advanced robotics as part of a move towards greater productivity, through adoption of digital and industrial processes.

Refurbishment and fit-out begins this month, undertaken by principal contractor akp Scotland. Completion is scheduled for spring and the facility will formally open its doors iu the summer.

Funded by CSIC, the Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Enterprise, the new industry-led facility will deliver 30,000 sq. ft. of workshop space housing state-of-the-art construction and manufacturing equipment, complete with a five tonne overhead gantry crane for heavy lifting.

This equipment will allow construction businesses of all sizes to prototype and develop new products, processes, systems and solutions, from early stage ideas through to full commercialisation.

The facility’s office space will be equipped for training, events, seminars, meetings and hackathons, where those involved will be encouraged to work together to tackle key challenges in short, intensive workshop sessions. A suite in one of the seminar spaces will be equipped with the latest hardware and software to allow companies to prepare for impending BIM Level 2 compliance requirements in a live, interactive environment.

The facility will also include a construction incubator where start-ups and micro small businesses can collaborate with industry, academic and public sector partners around innovation projects.

New dedicated staff from the Innovation Centre’s sister organisation, the Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group, will soon be joining the CSIC team at the new facility, creating a one-stop-shop for the industry around collaboration, innovation and leadership.

Stephen Good, chief executive of the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre said: “We are really excited about the potential offered by this new innovation facility for industry.

“It will provide a dynamic environment, away from the conventional building site, where the Scottish construction industry can innovate, take risks, explore and learn, safe in the knowledge that the activity here is protected from the perceived risks of innovating on live construction sites.”

“Since we launched in October 2014, CSIC has made fantastic progress, helping 42 innovative projects get off the ground so far, and we hope that having this new facility at their disposal will inspire even more people within the construction industry to get innovating.”

About CSIC

It supports Scotland’s construction related businesses to innovate, collaborate and grow by matching innovation requirements with business support and academic specialists. Focusing on business, product, process and service forms of innovation it offers advice, funding, facilitation and access to the appropriate expertise, improving Scotland’s global competitiveness and growing economic impact. It facilitates collaboration with Scottish businesses, academia (through 13 partner universities) and public sector organisations, enabling businesses to benefit from Scotland’s skills, expertise and fair approach to business in areas such as infrastructure delivery, offsite construction, low carbon solutions, architecture and retrofit.

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