‘No update’ on Google understanding Scottish accent

A top Google boss has no update on when Google’s voice recognition software will learn Scottish accents, reports Scottish regional newspaper The Press and Journal.

Google UK’s vice president for communication Peter Barron confessed that he has trouble with voice recognition software understanding his Northern Irish accent.

When asked if there was progress on getting Google’s software to understand Scots, he said: “We don’t have an update”. “Regional accents are difficult. I used to find it difficult to be understood, but the technology has come on so much. We have made leaps and bounds with greater recognition advances.”

Last month Google were advertising for people to record phrases such as “Google, what’s the time” and they would be paid about £30 for a three-hour commitment. But Mr Barron had no update on any further progress on this issue.

Meanwhile, the Scottish minister for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Keith Brown added that it happens to him too. He said: “I think it’s not just Google but it is good that they are trying to sort the problem. It’s never the customer that’s wrong, the problem’s at the source.”

The pair were in Glasgow for the launch of Google’s digital garage yesterday.