A quarter of the world’s population now uses Facebook

Picture courtesy of Facebook

It’s official: Facebook now has two billion monthly users, which means that more than 25% of the world’s population uses the platform every month.

Facebook is now looking to grow its massive user base, especially in developing nations where the service currently has smaller penetration rates. As Recode observes Facebook and Zuckerberg will now be thinking about hitting three billion users – but the path to that number promises to be harder.

“Much of the world still doesn’t have the Internet, which is why Facebook is building things like internet-beaming drones and laying fiber cable in Africa. That’s going to take some time. The second big obstacle is China, where Facebook is banned from reaching the county’s more than 700 million internet users. If Facebook ever gets into China, three billion could be here much quicker than expected.”

In the meantime, Facebook said: “To show our appreciation for the many ways people support one another on Facebook, we will share several personalised experiences over the coming days.”