Smart bins trial in Glasgow aims to make city cleansing more efficient

Smart rubbish bins which report when they need emptying and more than 200 new cleaning staff are being deployed in Glasgow. Innovative technology will be trialled in the city as part of the council’s additional £6m investment in cleansing.

Up to 400 sensors will be placed in street bins which will detect when they are three quarters full, sending alerts to the council’s control centre which will then relay the job to staff. The bins will be trialled for 12 months in the city centre,  as well as quieter locations where bins need emptied less often and the sensors will eliminate unnecessary trips. Glasgow currently has 10,000 on-street bins and some, such as those in Sauchiehall Street, are emptied up to three times a day.

Council leader Frank McAveety said: “This will ensure resources are focused where they are needed most and make the service more efficient, meaning staff can spend time in busier areas where bins need emptied most frequently.”