Smart technology unlocks new insights to drive innovation in patient care

In partnership with Alcidion, NHS Fife and University Hospital Monklands have embraced using smart technology to unlock new insights and drive innovation in patient care and safety.

As the first Alcidion client in Scotland, NHS Fife has realised significant achievements in improving patient safety and care delivery in the deployment of Alcidion’s Patientrack solution (now known as Miya Observations and Miya Assessments), embracing the bedside observation capture and risk screening assessment tools. By implementing Miya Observations and Assessments, NHS Fife has seen a 70% reduction in cardiac arrests, 70k observation sets captured per month, more than 34M risk assessments documented and has Peripheral venous Catheter (PVC) documentation at 95% . In response to COVID-19, the use of the solution was extended to all remaining acute areas across six community hospitals (including one with three mental health wards); two mental health hospitals and one learning disabilities hospital.

At the University Hospital Monklands in Lanarkshire, trials of Alcidion’s Patientrack solution have shown a higher than 98% success rate in alerting clinicians of patients in need of urgent care. Implementing real time monitoring and hand-held devices has allowed the nursing teams time to focus on overall quality of care.

Alcidion has a simple purpose – to transform healthcare with smart, intuitive technology solutions that meet the needs of healthcare organisations, worldwide. The clinical and operational capabilities of Alcidion’s digital solutions remove the need to replace your existing systems. By consolidating your data in the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standard and based on your current environment and organisation needs, our solutions can be designed to address your specific requirements and provide clinicians with actionable insights using clinical decision support, intuitive dashboards and artificial intelligence, resulting in actionable insights that directly impact patient care. We work collaboratively with your stakeholders to design the optimal workflow and transfer knowledge to support productivity, access to consolidated data and organisation-wide reporting.

With extensive healthcare experience, Alcidion brings together the very best in technology and sector experience to deliver solutions that make healthcare better for everyone. Our solutions and services are used by 21 clients across 54 hospitals in the UK. With the announcement by NHS Lanarkshire of the first digital hospital in Scotland, Alcidion look forward to extending our digital healthcare solutions in Scotland.

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