Stirling’s DOGFI.SH Mobile at behavioural design conference in San Francisco

Stirling-based DOGFI.SH Mobile is at the Habit Summit in San Francisco this week, engaged in conversations around best practice and learning in consumer psychology, design and behavioural science. The summit draws attendees and speakers from companies around the world, from local start-ups to Fortune 500 executives.

At the event, the company is flying the flag for Scotland in this new technology sector. According to trade body ScotlandIS, 82%  of digital businesses in Scotland expect sales to increase in 2017, and in doing so will reinforce the country’s position as a growing technology hub on the world stage.

DOGFI.SH Mobile, a ScotlandIS member, specialises in enterprise grade mobile products based on habit-forming technology to drive greater user engagement and change how people behave. By understanding the psychology of app usage, including the triggers, actions, rewards and the investment an individual makes in an application, the company is able to identify and implement the hooks that keep people coming back. Its presence at the conference has allowed DOGFI.SH to share insights with industry leaders and apply them to its own products, as well as cementing Scotland’s place at the forefront of new technologies.

Ross Tuffee, co-founder and chief executive, said: “So far the event has been excellent. The workshop yesterday provided a valuable insight into the key drivers and psychology behind product design, which are increasingly influencing both corporate and consumer engagement. We are really excited about the speaker sessions today as this will give us an opportunity to drill-down into specific streams and also give us an opportunity to share our own experiences with some of the leading minds within this field.”

Founded in 2009, central-Scotland-based DOGFI.SH Mobile is an enterprise mobility specialist, working with some of the world’s most successful companies across a variety of markets including leisure and travel, public sector, financial and health services.

“We are committed to building intuitive platforms that drive greater performance and efficiency for the user. Hence why this event will provide invaluable insights, especially as we continue to grow our customer portfolio. The summit attracts some of the most innovative companies from around the world, so we are proud to not only be representing Scotland, but also seizing the opportunity to engage with some of the brightest minds within this emerging market and then apply this back into growing Scotland as a centre for tech innovation.”