Twitter tweaks; profile pic is now round and reply is a bubble

Twitter has rolled out a series of tweaks to its website and mobile applications today designed to simplify the service’s interface for its users. The changes include a new circular profile picture, a speech bubble instead of an arrow to reply to tweets and refinements to the fonts.

Tweets on the company’s mobile applications now update instantly along with counts on “retweets”, “likes” and “replies”, the company said. Twitter, which has faced criticism over the complex interface of its service in the past, has been constantly adjusting its platform based on user feedback.

The changes also include a consolidated profile and privacy settings and a new navigation menu for users of Apple devices.

“Despite the changes, Twitter still feels like Twitter,” said David Pierce at Wired. “And more than any one change, the redesign makes a statement about the platform: The look of the tweet button isn’t what makes Twitter, well, Twitter. Neither is the shape of the avatars, the shading of the icons, or even the character count. What makes Twitter is @realdonaldtrump, @dog_rates, and each of the other 328 million or so monthly users who log on each day to answer the platform’s perennial question: What’s Happening?

“Twitter unveiled that tagline a year ago. It’s not a question, but a statement. Twitter wants to be the place you go to see what’s going on. These sorts of brand exercises mean little to regular people, but in talking to Twitter execs, the changes clearly made an impact internally.”

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