Update from the NWG Innovation Festival 2017

brainstorming notes for team working on LISA concept

The inaugural NWG Innovation Festival is reaching its climax with all the sprinters finalising their prototypes for their challenges.

CGI’s 5 day Sprint – Tomorrow’s World: How can we THRIVE at work in 2030.

In tent number 4 the CGI sponsored Sprint Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) has ambitiously been designing the future of work and life in 2030.  Taking the traditional 5 day sprint process the teams have been working hard all week to:

  1. Understand and frame the problems of work and life in the modern era
  2. Conduct user research and diverge to sketch 400 ideas
  3. Decide on which 4 key solutions to prototype
  4. Build 4 working prototypes to test with real people whether they would wish to buy and use them now or in the future

Tomorrow we will test and showcase them to the festival.

One of the key themes that came up when investigating the problem was information overload. In order to combat this and provide you with what you want and need, just in time, one sprint team has designed a new concept:

Introducing LISA

Are you tired of being a slave to your devices? Does your phone ping at the wrong time? DO you have too many people demanding your time? Are you sick of junk filling your inbox?

LISA will take the pain away without any investment in another piece of kit.

lisa logo

Your Life. Intelligence. Support. Assistant.

Working on any connected device, LISA is designed to provide you with the right communication at the right time. She learns your preferences and grows with you over time. This is how she gives what you need.

But LISA isn’t just your run of the mill personal assistant. LISA is where AI and EQ meet. By understanding not just where you are and what you want, but how you feel, LISA can make sure that whatever you need to do is prioritised. That way you can focus on what’s most important at any moment.

With an Enterprise option available, LISA can also save your manager or guardian’s preferences so you never miss an important message again.

LISA beta sign up available now

The key to LISA’s success is that she learns what people want. So sign up for a Beta account today at http://bit.ly/2tiXffHor take a look at her Twitter account [@LISA_assistant] and let her know what you think.